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Window Seat Coffee is an online coffee shop in Dallas, TX truly passionate about all things coffee. It’s why we roast our coffee in house, utilizing computer software to track and analyze each batch. It’s why we recommend brewing coffee with an extraction rate between 18 and 22%, consistent with the standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. It’s why we offer flight boxes for our customers to sample and find their favorite bean. Because the quality of everything we do matters. Because you and your experience matter. We intend to keep providing the best coffee, and overall experience, possible. We want our passion to be seen in all that we do. We believe in delicious, beautifully roasted coffees that anyone can enjoy. We love learning about obscure single-origin coffees, but our menu has something for everyone — and we like it that way. So, if you are a coffee lover and looking for something delicious, give Window Seat Coffee a try.

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3018 Greenville Ave, Dallas, Texas 75206, United States
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