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A telecom retail outlet company, Mobilelink USA, started small like any other venture in 2005. Its owners Furqan Ken Khan, Salman Khan, and Yousuf Meghani had to face the same challenges as any other owner of a new start-up.
Mobilelink was launched with three stores in Houston, Texas, and nearby locations. It writhed in its first year and suffered severe financial losses and caused owner morale depletion. It was in total defiance with success.
Ken Khan was compelled to re-strategize his business tactics and changed his business plan from a market-driven organization to a customer-driven one. He analyzed the main propulsion in sales was customers, not the market.
After a gruesome forfeiture in the first year, it suffered immensely for the next three years. It barely survived the preliminary four years of inauguration. In the following fifth year, the business entered the growth phase of its life cycle and generated some revenue.
Mr. Khan’s consecutive efforts and will to lead Mobilelink to the peaks of success resulted in it being one of the most successful ventures of its time.
Today, Mobilelink operates in 600+ locations with 5000+ employees having its back offices stationed in Pakistan and India.
Its annual revenue generation is assumed to be $116M. A start-up that continues to grow its roots far and wide.

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12501 Reed Rd., Sugar Land, Texas 77478, United States
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