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We provide Logistics Services and Brokering Air Freight, Ground Expedited Freight Services Nationwide and Air Charter.
Air Freight Services is a logistics company specializing in air cargo delivery. Over more than a decade of operations, we’ve gained experience serving hundreds of different companies of all sizes and from dozens of industries. This experience gives us the ability to understand the specific delivery needs of each customer and implement them to the fullest extent. No matter how tight the customer’s deadline or how delicate the cargo, we have the resources and experience to deliver it safely and quickly.
Air Freight Services most often ships goods by air, giving us the ability to complete any delivery within the United States and Canada in a matter of hours. Without our own fleet of aircraft, we use the services of cargo airlines. We do a thorough background check on each of these airlines to make sure they have the expertise and resources to secure our customers’ shipments from start to finish. Once we determine that an airline is trustworthy, we form a close partnership with them. This enables us not only to become acquainted with the cargo schedules in detail, but also to charter new flights if the scheduled ones do not meet the client’s needs. Thus, no matter where the starting point and destination point are, we easily deliver our clients’ cargo by the set deadline.
Air Freight Services caters to every customer who turns to us, no matter how unique or complex their shipping needs. Our many years of industry experience, knowledge of the latest technology and extensive network of vehicles and partner airlines enable us to complete even the most complex shipments in the shortest possible time.

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